Lindero Canyon Overcrossing, Westlake Village

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m6  Consulting, Inc. was founded as a boutique engineering firm providing diverse expertise to our university and municipal clients. Our blended experience in project design, management, review and inspection in both public and private sector arenas provides for a knowledgeable approach to client needs. Our understanding of the priorities of universities and public agencies assures the development of holistic solutions for project execution in complex regulatory environments.‚Äč


 Our hands-on approach of principal involvement is the core of an integrated strategy of project development and management, which is augmented by the expertese, collective talent, and resources of our team. Our passion for a knowledge-based approach to excellence in this arena stems from our experience in academia, and our dedication to the values of higher education.  Principal members of our team have backgrounds in university administration, higher education consultation, city planning, city engineering, plan review, design engineering, and project/construction management.

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